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Dirt Road Presets

+ Editing Guide

Your shortcut to creating stunning photos with nothing but your phone.

Perfect for moms, creatives, or business owners who want to edit photos beautifully and quickly with bold, true colors!!

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Farm & Ranch Artwork

Browse through my professional gallery of farm and ranch scenes. Prints + Digital copies available for purchase.

Images also availabe to license.

Hey I'm Sara Hadenfeldt, internationally published photographer and entrepreneur who farms and ranches with my husband and 4 kids in central Nebraska. I also passionately advocate for the Ag community, and have an intense love and appreciation for hard working rural families.

I've been a photographer for 13+ years and have always loved a pretty picture. In 2021 I started leaning into taking more pictures with my phone and fell in love with teaching others the tricks I've learned along the way. My mobile editing presets bring a natural beauty and pop to those everyday moments we all want to remember forever.

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